Soohee Kim Korean in a Flash Kit Ebook Volume 1

Korean in a Flash Volume 1 is an excellent new language learning resource for travelers and others who want to learn Korean quickly and easily.Part of the bestselling Tuttle In a Flash series, this complete boxed set of Korean character flash cards aids in recognition, vocabulary learning, review and self-testing. Korean in a Flash has a full range of features to help beginners and intermediate learners alike. Flash cards feature the most commonly used Korean words and phrases. Sample sentences in Korean are provided, along with related terms, frequently-used expressions and extended vocabulary. Contains 448 flash cards plus a 48 page index booklet. Learn 448 main words plus 1,792 related terms and 2,240 basic vocabulary items.Romanized pronunciation and English meanings given for all vocabulary items. Both Korean character forms and romanization are given.

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Группа авторов Sleep Medicine Essentials

Based on the highly acclaimed Sleep: A Comprehensive Handbook, this is a concise, convenient, practical, and affordable handbook on sleep medicine. It consists of forty topic-focused chapters written by a panel of international experts covering a range of topics including insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, parasomnias, circadian sleep disorders, sleep in the elderly, sleep in children, sleep among women, and sleep in the medical, psychiatric, and neurological disorders. It serves as an effective Sleep Medicine board examination review, and every chapter includes sample boards -style questions for test preparation and practice.

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Группа авторов Sleep Medicine

On average people spend one third of their life sleeping. An understanding of the physiology and pathophysiological changes that take place during this time is, therefore, essential to the medical care of patients. Sleep disorders can arise from a variety of causes including respiratory, psychiatric and neurological conditions, as well as pain and lifestyle changes. Consequently, their understanding is pertinent to a wide range of clinicians who require an overview of their diagnosis and treatment. Written by one of the UK's leading authorities on sleep medicine, Sleep Medicine: A Guide to Sleep and its Disorders presents a practical guide to the clinical problems related to sleep disorders. An experienced author, John Shneerson writes concisely and presents the information in a most accessible way. The text is clearly organised and full use has been made of tables and line diagrams. Whilst the body of the text is clinical in approach, the scientific basis of sleep and sleep medicine and the technical aspects of sleep investigations are explained fully. The book is divided into three sections. The first group of chapters considers the fundamentals of sleep, the effects of drugs on sleep and how to assess sleep complaints. The main body of the book consists of chapters on individual sleep disorders. Each of these has a structured approach, outlining both assessment and treatment. Insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness, awareness during sleep and behavioural abnormalities are covered. The final chapters deal with the important respiratory consequences of upper airway dysfunction, changes in the control of breathing during sleep and the social implications of sleep problems. Sleep medicine is a fast developing discipline which interfaces with many of the medical specialties. Sleep Medicine: A Guide to Sleep and its Disorders enables doctors and other health professionals to access recent advances ensuring that their patients receive the optimum treatment for their sleep disorders.

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Douglas Kirsch Sleep Medicine in Neurology

Recognize, understand, and manage sleep dysfunction in your patients Sleep disorders can cause neurological problems. Neurological problems can cause sleep disorders. Whatever the cause or effect, neurologists need to be well versed in sleep medicine. This enables effective discussion of sleep problems and improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. Sleep Medicine in Neurology introduces the practicing neurologist to sleep medicine, from examination of the patient to treatment of many sleep disorders. With a focused, practical approach throughout, the expert author team covers: History, examination and sleep testing of the patient Insomnia Excessive daytime sleepiness Narcolepsy Obstructive and central sleep apnea Movement disorders in sleep Parasomnias Sleep disorders in children Clinical in approach, practical in execution, Sleep Medicine in Neurology helps you diagnose and treat your sleep-disordered patients more effectively.

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Группа авторов Sleep Disorders and Psychiatry

Sleep and wakefulness are fundamental behavioral and neurobiological states that characterize all higher animals, including human beings. Concise yet comprehensive, Sleep Disorders and Psychiatry, the latest volume in American Psychiatric Publishing's popular Review of Psychiatry Series, presents the cumulative experience of 12 experts who talk about what sleep is and why sleep is essential to maintaining good health, summarizing the major categories of sleep disorders and detailing how virtually every psychiatric disorder and a wide variety of medical illnesses adversely affect sleep.Sleep Disorders and Psychiatry is the ideal companion to busy psychiatric clinicians because it is Comprehensive, covering all information of particular relevance to psychiatric clinicians. Enhanced by numerous tables and illustrations that make it easy to understand and reference while «on the go» during everyday practice. Clearly structured and easy to understand, with chapters organized according to the major categories of sleep disorders most likely to be encountered in psychiatric clinical practice. The fascinating introduction discusses the functions of sleep and the consequences of sleep deprivation, including the complex neurobiology of circadian rhythms, sleep and wakefulness, the clinical assessment and management of sleep and circadian rhythm disorders, and the pros and cons of tools for taking an accurate history. Each of the six subsequent chapters in Sleep Disorders and Psychiatry follows the same format by detailing the definitions and clinical description, epidemiology, etiology and pathogenesis, and treatment for a major category of sleep disorder: insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy and syndromes of central nervous system-mediated sleepiness, restless legs syndrome, parasomnias, and circadian rhythm sleep disorders.Further, Sleep Disorders and Psychiatry provides psychiatrists with the tools necessary to embark upon exciting collaborations with specialists from other areas of clinical medicine (psychologists, pulmonologists, neurologists and surgeons). Given the importance of behavioral and psychopharmacologic interventions in managing sleep disorders, psychiatrists can often make valuable contributions to the care of medically ill patients with these conditions.Abundantly referenced and illustrated, Sleep Disorders and Psychiatry is the ultimate practical resource for busy clinicians interested in the broad and growing field of sleep disorders.

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Группа авторов Sleep

This book brings together an unprecedented number and range of contributions from different disciplines relating to sleep in one comprehensive volume. The contributors explore the science of sleep – what it is, what makes it happen and why we do it – as well as the measurement of sleep, its importance for daytime performance and its sociological and cultural aspects. Sleep disorders, sleep quality and the importance of sleep for daytime performance are also explored, as are the ways in which sleep can be affected by medication and medical and psychiatric conditions. This groundbreaking and insightful book will be of great interest to students, academics and professionals in a wide range of disciplines, and anyone else who wishes to discover more about this fascinating topic.

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Paul Reading Sleep Disorders in Neurology. A Practical Approach

The acclaimed guide to quickly and confidently diagnosing and treating sleep disorders in neurological disease—now with more algorithms and tables The diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders can be extremely challenging for physicians, especially when there is underlying neurological disease. In addition to the primary sleep disorders, there is a growing clinical interest in sleep disturbances associated with common neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease. This updated and expanded edition of the critically acclaimed Sleep Disorders in Neurology: A Practical Approach provides doctors with expert recommendations and clear guidance on identifying sleep disorders in patients suffering from neurological diseases and providing effective treatment plans. In creating this Second Edition doctors Overeem and Reading made every effort to further enhance the practical approach of the first edition by adding additional algorithms and tables to assist physicians in more rapid decision making. In addition, they expanded the content to include greater coverage of primary sleep disorders. Classification and diagnosis chapters have been revamped to follow the 3rd International Classification of Sleep Disorders. Offers physicians, with a practical approach to diagnosing and treating complex sleep disorders Draws on the expertise of neurologists who specialize in the disorders under discussion Features quick-access algorithms that help physicians rapidly diagnose and treat primary and secondary sleep disorders with confidence Provides guidance on when to consult a sleep specialist in managing a particular sleep disorder and Written by a multinational author team who provide a wider perspective and range of clinical experience Sleep Disorders in Neurology: A Practical Approach, Second Edition is an essential resource for sleep medicine specialists, as well as clinicians and health care professionals not specifically trained in sleep medicine, but who nevertheless need to manage neurologically damaged patients with increasingly recognized sleep/wake disturbances.

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Attanasio Ronald Dental Management of Sleep Disorders

Dental Management of Sleep Disorders focuses on the dentist’s role in treating patients with sleep problems, chiefly sleep disordered breathing and bruxism. A practical clinical book, Dental Management of Sleep Disorders highlights the background to these problems, discusses the dentist’s role in their diagnosis and treatment, and outlines clinical strategies and guidance. The book features a full discussion of the use of appliances, an overview of current treatment modalities, and investigates the relationship of sleep disorders to dental and orofacial causes.

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Группа авторов An Occupational Therapist's Guide to Sleep and Sleep Problems

The first book written specifically on clinical applications of sleep and sleep disorder theory for occupational therapists, this book bridges the research to practice gap. Contributors share their expertise, exploring topics such as the relationship between mental health and sleep; how sleep is affected by age, or by specific conditions such as dementia or autism; and how occupational therapists can use their skills and training to improve sleep quality in patients who are suffering from pain, or trauma. This timely book is essential reading for occupational therapists and students of occupational therapy, covering all of the aspects of sleep and sleep disorders that they will find useful for practice.

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Dr Ramlakhan Nerina Fast Asleep, Wide Awake: Discover the secrets of restorative sleep and vibrant energy

A powerful methodology to help you switch on your body’s innate ability to sleep well and how to build extraordinary energy.Sleep problems aren’t created when you put your head on the pillow. Everything you do during the day – every thought, every behaviour, every choice you make – can impact on how you sleep at night.Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, a physiologist and renowned sleep and energy expert, has worked with people for over twenty five years. Combining this professional experience with academic and personal insights, she shares her view that sleep problems are not just about sleep but rather about how we deal with life and its inevitable challenges.In this ground breaking book, she goes beyond traditional sleep methods to examine the true causes of sleep problems .Fast Asleep Wide Awake shares a unique and highly practical process for accessing deep and restorative sleep and shifting your energy from survival energy to a more sustainable and vibrant source of energy that we all have access to.Using tools and techniques based on Western science and Eastern practices learn how to sleep deeply and find the energy to embrace life’s challenges with courage and optimism.

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3 Hours Miracle HEALING SLEEP Music, Stress Relief, INSTANT CALM | Effective Insomnia Relief ★ 70 - Duration: 3:04:44. Sleep Easy Relax - Keith Smith 2,180,118 views 3:04:44

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Da mein letzter Thread aufgrund von Werbung von einem Admin * geschlossen wurde hier nun der regelkonforme Thread. Ich biete hier folgende Scripts/Slot

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Find Casino Games Flash software downloads at CNET Download.com, the most comprehensive source for safe, trusted, and spyware-free downloads on the Web


Casinos mit Flash auf Android spielen. Mittlerweile greifen die meisten mobilen Online-Casinos auf den Webstandard HTML 5 zurück. Hierdurch ist es möglich, auch auf Mobiltelefonen die mittlerweile äußerst komplexen und aufwendigen Spiele darzustellen. Leider gibt es jedoch immer noch einige Casinospiele oder gar komplette Casinos, die nur über einen Desktop-PC zu nutzen sind. Diese nutzen ...

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Flash Casinos. There are Flash Casinos out there that will let players enjoy the games without even downloading their client. You will be able to get into the legal gambling games instantly and easily, which is enormously convenient. Since you will be able to play fat any time, any where, and any place, you will find the ultimate in online gambling - convenience.

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Speel 'The Flash' gokkast voor de ultieme Battle of the Speedsters in dit DC Comics geïnspireerde spel. Met 5 rollen en 50 winlijnen.

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Flash Casino Banking. The available banking options – Neteller, Ukash, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill – are encrypted and safe. When you get access to the casino via an Internet browser (Firefox, Opera or others), you may transfer a chosen sum of money from your personal account to the online casino immediately. The withdrawal process takes about ...

Martin Reite Clinical Manual for Evaluation and Treatment of Sleep Disorders

The Clinical Manual for Evaluation and Treatment of Sleep Disorders is the first clinical text devoted solely to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders that is both comprehensive and conveniently portable. The book's 13 chapters offer a concise, step-by-step method of differential diagnosis for some of the most common sleep complaints encountered in today's professional clinical practices. And, unlike most other clinical textbooks, its small size gives it a broad accessibility.The manual begins with an overview of sleep physiology and pathology, including eight common laboratory procedures and three major diagnostic nomenclatures for sleep disorders. Each of the chapters that follow provides an overview of symptoms, tests, and various behavioral and pharmacologic treatments for a wide range of sleep conditions, including insomnias, breathing disorders, parasomnias, and several common medical disorders that are often associated with sleep complaints. The latter chapters discuss sleep disorders in distinct patient demographics – specifically children, women (during pregnancy, the postpartum period, and menopause) and the increasing population of older adults. The book concludes with a chapter devoted to pharmacologic interventions, detailing the use of and clinical issues associated with 25 different types of drugs.Additional benefits of the manual include: A «Pearls and Pitfalls» section of bulleted facts at the beginning of each chapter Figures, tables, and helpful takeaways (such as a differential diagnosis decision tree and patient questionnaires) in many chapters An appendix of 65 frequently used abbreviations related to sleep complaints and disorders Patient handouts that include sleep tips and information on insomnia, abdominal breathing, delayed sleep phase syndrome, melatonin and light treatments, sleep walking, and jet lag No other clinical text provides such a breadth of information on sleep disorders in such a compact, easy-to-carry volume. Its extensive content makes this book ideal for nursing, psychiatric, social work, and family practice settings, as well as a useful teaching implement in medical classrooms. By classifying sleep disorders according to clinical presentation, patient demographic, and related conditions, the Clinical Manual for Evaluation and Treatment of Sleep Disorders offers clinicians a valuable reference tool in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

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Боди, песочники, комбинезоны Mjolk Комбинезон Sleep and Play Ламы

Mjolk Комбинезон Sleep and Play Ламы Mjolk Sleep and Play - это комбинезон на молнии. В нём можно играть и спать. Выполнен из мягкого и приятного на ощупь 100% трикотажного хлопка. Для новорожденных (размер - 56см) предусмотрены антицарапки на рукавах. Уход: машинная стирка в холодной/теплой воде до 40 градусов деликатный отжим разрешено использование пятновыводителя без хлора

764 RUR
Комбинезон Sleep and Play Ламы Mjolk

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Triplets Tbaby stroller three baby bike stroller 3 in 1 can sit and lie can split the child tricycle can ride can sleep Trailer

Portable 250mL House Humidifier Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser 3 In 1 for USB Fan and Night Light Beautifully Sleep Room Not Noise

Portable 350mL Cat Air Humidifier Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser 3 In 1 USB Fan and Night Light Beautifully Sleep Room Not Noise J

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Mjolk Комбинезон Sleep and Play Панды Mjolk Sleep and Play - это комбинезон на молнии. В нём можно играть и спать. Выполнен из мягкого и приятного на ощупь 100% трикотажного хлопка. Для новорожденных (размер - 56см) предусмотрены антицарапки на рукавах. Уход: машинная стирка в холодной/теплой воде до 40 градусов деликатный отжим разрешено использование пятновыводителя без хлора

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Комбинезон Sleep and Play Панды Mjolk

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Phil Watts Casino Life:

Phil Watts, as an experienced forensic psychologist, knew a lot about human nature before he walked into his first casino at 40 years of age. He had treated clients with a wide range of difficulties including gambling, yet was still struck by the casino environment – an exciting world with its own culture, pace, rules, social etiquette, and shared expectations. This other world intrigued and surprised him. So, he wrote a book about it. Casino Life will be of interest to those who seeking to know more about casinos and their psychological effects, those who seek to find out why others gamble, and those who do gamble – not as a treatment, but as a window to see what you are doing and how that has an impact upon you. Along the way you will read about why people gamble, why gambling can become addictive and the treatments used to help problem gamblers, as well as the beliefs around gambling and some of the elaborate theories people use to explain why they try to defy mathematical odds. You will also learn about the fascinating cultural and behavioural patterns of everyday casino life.

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CW Cooke Victoria's Secret Service: Russian Roulette #3

Meet Rule Eddie and his Rule Ladies. Rule Eddie is the scourge of the underworld, a man with murder and casino games on his mind, and he wants nothing more than to destroy the VSS. Join us as the girls learn of his nefarious plans for world domination and, as the stakes get even higher than before, will an agent meet their maker?

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Martha Sears The Baby Sleep Book: How to help your baby to sleep and have a restful night

Drawing on considerable experience as both parents and professionals in the paediatric profession, the best-selling parenting experts Dr. William and Martha Sears have produced the definitive guide to the frequently fraught and troublesome topic of sleep.The Sleep Book is designed as a practical and contemporary guide to parenting, ensuring you can get your child to sleep and making sure night time isn’t dreaded. Containing the latest medical research, and providing informed and considered advice on all the issues, this book offers guidance and support to keep you and your child rested and refreshed.Includes advice on all aspects of sleep such as:• 8 infant sleep facts every parent should know• 31 ways to get your baby to sleep and stay asleep• Bedwetting• Hidden medical causes of night waking• Sleep trainers• Night weaning – 12 alternatives for the all-night nurser• Night terrors• 5 reasons why high need infants sleep differently• Sleep safety• SIDS: the latest research on how sleeping with your baby is safe• Co-sleeping: Yes, No, SometimesAn invaluable resource for parents of young children, The Baby Sleep Book provides guidance on how to get your baby to sleep, what to do if he wakes up to often, what to do if he sleeps to much. It also helps with moving the place of sleep, sleepwear, managing the sleep time of more than one child, and night time feeding.

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Prof. Idzikowski Chris Sleep: The secret to sleeping well and waking refreshed

This one-stop practical guide will show you how to get a good night’s sleep. With practical tips and advice throughout to make your progress easier.Do you have problems getting to sleep? Are you a fitful sleeper? Do you wake up feeling tired?You’re not alone. One in three Britons suffers from some kind of sleep disorder.This book provides a variety of personalised solutions for you to try, ranging from changes in behaviour to natural and orthodox treatments and techniques.Contents include: the science of sleep; assisting sleep; babies and children; work, rest and play; lifestyle and environment; ageing; overcoming sleep disorders.

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